You Can Still Sell Your House for a Great Price During COVID-19


COVID-19 came to change everyone’s lifestyle and how business is done, including the way houses are sold. Despite the economic loss, home prices are slightly higher than last year, according to The Wall Street Journal, and house demand is steady, while the supply record is low.

Although many sellers and buyers had to put their plans on hold due to the stay-at-home orders, now that most states have been reopened, we are seeing people restart the process. Everyone in the real estate business has adapted to new ways of operation, including mortgage lenders, who are offering lower interest rates.

Although there is no certainty about how everything will develop and if we are going to experience another lockdown, we need to learn how to continue on with our plans to the extent possible. At I Will Buy House, we continue to buy houses during COVID-19; we are convinced there are options for you to continue your selling plans. 

How To Adapt Your Sale Strategies During COVID-19

You can still sell your house despite the safety measures and precautions in place. Let’s explore a few methods.

Invest in a 3D Virtual Tour

Americans are used to buying things online: why should houses be the exemption? Improve your listings, stage your home as usual for attractive photos, and invest in a 3D virtual tour video.

If you can hire a professional to create the 3D tour, then even better. However, if you have a small budget, you can also create 3D tours with free or affordable apps.

Create Online House Opening Events

Some homeowners and real estate agents have started to offer online house opening events. Buyers are more flexible and willing to make a decision even if they haven’t physically visited the property. 

When doing the online events, try to be as transparent as possible. Don’t let your real estate agent convince you to hide your house’s flaws. Now more than ever, buyers will appreciate your honesty and knowing exactly what they’re buying. 

Consider Selling to a Home Buyer

Home buyers are always an option, especially now during COVID-19. Having a guaranteed buyer will limit the effort and time it’ll take to sell your house. 

A home buyer will buy your house regardless of the condition, which means you won’t have to spend money on repairing or renovating your home to sell it. Additionally, you won’t have to wait for the bank to approve the buyer’s loan. 

I Will Buy House is a home buying company in Washington that is ready to buy your house. We are making great cash offers for houses despite the COVID-19 pandemic. We were already used to working over the phone and online, but now more than ever, we’re taking preventive measures. We guarantee the whole selling process will go smoothly. 


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