What is it like to sell your home in the Seattle area to I WILL BUY HOUSE?



If you are curious what it’s like to sell your home in the Seattle area to I WILL BUY HOUSE, you are in luck! I just interviewed a recent seller from Auburn, Washington and am excited to share the interview. In the interview below, Melody describes her experience including the highlights and her suggestions for improvement.

To provide context, Melody wanted to sell her house quickly so she could relocate to Maryland and buy a house there to live close to her daughter. Melody followed the traditional path of selling a house and listed her home with a real estate agent. Unfortunately for Melody, the real estate agent was not realistic and listed the house $100,000 over a reasonable sales price. Months went by and there were no buyers in sight. So the agent started dropping the price; however, because the house was so severely overpriced in the first place, no buyers emerged even after multiple price drops.

After a few months, Melody realized that the traditional way of selling her house with a real estate agent was not working and she needed a different solution. She contacted us and described her situation and her desired outcome…”Sell the house for a fair price and do so without the hassle of showings and repairs”. I WILL BUY HOUSE team went to work and the rest is history : )


IWillBuyHouse: Hi Melody, this is Alex with I Will Buy House. Is this a bad time for you?

Melody Carlisle: It’s fine. I’m just pumping gas. I’m almost done.

IWillBuyHouse: Terrific. So I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions for our feedback and I was wondering also if I could record our conversation for our feedback and our marketing purpose, would that be okay?

Melody Carlisle: Yeah, that’s fine.

IWillBuyHouse: Okay, terrific. So I’m thinking back on the entire process of selling your property in Auburn. What do you feel we could do better next time, if we were to repeat the process?

Melody Carlisle: I think that you could do better informing about all seller costs. Because I’ve never sold a house before, so I didn’t know about that. I think the whole process was very easy and I think that your company is very professional. I enjoyed working with you.

A Single Family House in Auburn Washington

IWillBuyHouse:  Yeah, well thank you so much. It’s, really great to hear that. So you were kind of saying, if I understand correctly, is to kind of be, be maybe a little bit more upfront about all the costs that are associated with, with selling a property, is that correct? Did I understand you correctly?

Melody Carlisle:  That is correct. And it was my own ignorance about some of this, but I had never sold a house so, you know, in the state of Washington, so I didn’t realize the costs that the seller would also incur.

IWillBuyHouse:  And if I remember correctly, I think there are a few things that are a little bit kind of unusual about your house in the sense that, you know, we had to get that, the septic inspection done, which kind of came out to us at the last moment and had to work with, with the septic company to clear the whole issue with the city not accepting the septic report first.

Melody Carlisle: That is correct. But you would never learned that until we got into it. So I just think that was, uh, something that comes up occasionally when, when you’re a seller, you’re buying a house.

IWillBuyHouse: Exactly. That’s right. You know, we’ve been doing this for awhile and we still get it. It’s funny. We still get surprised on, on deals and you kind of think, alright, well I’ve seen everything under the sun that you can possibly see and then there’s still something that comes out and surprises you. That’s, true. My next question would be, what did you like least about the overall experience?

Melody Carlisle: I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think there was anything that I didn’t, at least understand. I don’t know if you can say like, or dislike. You were very good at explaining things. So I think the whole process was a give and take and I think that your company did excellent.

IWillBuyHouse:  Thank you. Would you sell to I WILL BUY HOUSE again if the situation would arise?

Melody Carlisle: Yes, I definitely would use your company’s services again.

IWillBuyHouse:  And would you recommend us to friends or family?

Melody Carlisle: I certainly will. If I know of anyone at all in Washington selling a house, I’m going to recommend your company.

IWillBuyHouse:  Thanks so much. And then lastly, how would you rate your experience with us on a scale of one to 10?


So there you go folks; another happy seller who came to us with problems and came away with a perfect solution. While we may not be the best buyer for all situations, we are always transparent and will help you understand your options. Regardless of your situation, by speaking with us you will become more educated about real estate. Knowledge is power and we are happy to share our knowledge with you 😊

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