What Is a Cash Home Buyer?


People looking to sell their homes fast in Seattle look for ways to do so that will give them benefits like saving time and money, closing the deal quickly and in their desired time frame, and receiving cash payments. Lucky for you, cash home buyers exist. They ensure to provide the help you need and achieve your desires by buying your house as well as providing you these benefits. 

Another factor that plays a role in how fast sellers are eager to close a deal, relates to the fact that the longer the process takes, the more money it costs them to have their houses. Every day their home stays in the market, the more they spend for its maintenance to keep it nice and clean for potential buyers.

A Cash Home Buyer

A cash home buyer in Seattle is a person who can buy a property exclusively with cash. Sometimes the cash buyer might even be able to purchase the property at a lower price since they are not paying any interest. 

The positive side of having a potential cash buyer is that this type of client is less complicated and faster. The process looks as follows:

  1. Contact your potential cash buyers
  2. Cash buyer looks into your property 
  3. Cash buyer makes an offer
  4. The seller accepts or rejects the offer
  5. If the seller decides to accept the offer, they can now choose a closing date
  6. Sign purchase agreement
  7. Buyer takes care of title arrangements
  8. Both parties signed closing documents

Overtime Owners

One of the homeowners’ significant concerns when selling a house is that it will stay in the market for more time than expected. It has been proven that the longer your house stays in the market, the more you will have to pay for its mortgage, maintenance, and utilities. Therefore, the faster you sell your home, the better for you because you won’t get back the money you paid for each day your house remained in the market. 

Over time, owners get desperate, seeing that they have not been able to sell their house, and instead, it costs them money they either can’t afford or didn’t expect. Therefore, they start to look for alternatives at this point, and some decide to reach out to cash home buyers as their last resource. Their homes sold faster with a cash home buyer, making them wish they would have done this from the very beginning. 

Additionally, if your house is one of those that has been in the market for quite a long time now, it is crucial to keep in mind that it will be tough to sell it at your asking price. You will have to eventually start lowering your asking price in hopes that a potential buyer will be interested in your property to purchase it. Remember that a lower price is better than nothing. 

Benefits of Selling To A Home Buyer

Don’t wait too long before deciding to go with a home buyer; they will buy your house faster than anyone else. 

  • No repairs have to be made to the property
  • You save 10% on agent commissions and closing costs
  • You save property taxes and holding costs
  • You sell your house fast, usually in less than 30 days
  • Assurance that the buyer can afford to buy
  • Save on maintenance, listing, and showing
  • No risk of having to wait for a bank’s approval

Seattle Home Buyers

At I Will Buy House, we are the best home buyers in the Seattle area. We are determined to help those people going through hard times and take away the stress they encounter while selling a house. Up to today, we have bought over 50 homes, and we continue to do so. 

We do not mind the problems your house has or how complicated your situation is. We love challenges, and we have the experience to help you accomplish your goals and meet your needs. 

We are a top-rated company located in Seattle working with professionals who deliver outstanding results in a timely record. We work hard to get to know you and provide you quick and efficient solutions to your problems. 


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