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Top 8 Problems When Selling Your House

Are you having a hard time selling your house? It’s normal to struggle and feel frustrated, especially when you’re running out of time. No matter why you are selling, we’ve collected the top 8 problems people face when selling their house. 

Keep reading to learn what you should be avoiding:

Problem #1: Not Understanding The Market

The market will always influence how well and how fast you’re able to sell your house. If you’re listing your home, you need to understand and study the market, investigate how much other properties in your area are being sold to avoid overpricing your house. 

Problem #2: Hiring An Inexperienced Real Estate Agent

Make sure to hire an experienced real estate agent. Don’t fall for the one with the cheapest commission; check their background, and compare their benefits and conditions. You also want to avoid paying hidden fees, so ask as many questions as possible before deciding. 

Problem #3: Getting Emotional

Try to avoid getting too emotional about your house. Understandably, it’s the place where your family memories were built, but try to see it as a financial transaction. Knowing how to handle your emotions will help you make smarter choices.

Problem #4: Not Covering Repair Expenses

Even though repairs are negotiable, you still want to make sure to take care of major repairs. Request estimates from different local contractors to check which repairs you can afford; otherwise, be prepared to lower your selling price. 

Problem #5: Hiding House Problems

Don’t make the mistake of hiding significant problems; it’s better, to be honest from the beginning. Remember, anyways; those problems will come back to haunt yours during or after the buyer’s inspection. 

Problem #6: Not Taking Enough Photos

Take your time to photograph all the spaces and details, the more, the merrier. Buy some flowers, clean the house, declutter rooms, and stage them all in general. Place yourself in the buyers’ shoes and photograph everything you think they would like to see.

Problem #7: Not Preparing for Showings

Get ready for house showings. If you hire a good real estate agency, they’ll probably be showing your house at least once or twice a week during the weekends. Take time to clean and organize the different spaces and similar to when taking photos, stage your house for the showings. 

Problem #8: Not Considering Several Options

Don’t fall for the first offer you get; review and consider several offers and selling options. A popular way of selling nowadays is to home investors. 

A home investor or home buyer company has many benefits that might be right for you, depending on your situation. 

Why Selling to a Home Investor Can Be For You

Home investors generally purchase your houses without intermediaries, meaning that waiting times when selling are considerably reduced. Additionally, you may save money on repairs and other expenses. 

Some of the advantages home investors have over traditional selling methods like house listings are:

  • You get your money fast and can get paid in cash
  • No commissions or hidden fees
  • No need to list your home, as they are the ones buying it
  • No need to make repairs or cleaning 
  • They cover closing costs instead of the owner
  • You can get your money in a week

I Will Buy House Is A Great Option in Seattle

I Will Buy House is a great option. We are one of the preferred home investing companies in Seattle. We buy houses for cash all the time and take the burden off our clients of having to wait months and deal with all the problems of selling their home. 

With I Will Buy House, you can get paid in as little as seven days, and forget about finding or dealing title companies. We tare of it all. 

There’s no obligation to accept the offer we make; we want to help. 



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