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When an individual passes away, their heirs go through a legal process called probate. During this process, all assets are distributed. If you’re considering selling your inherited house but it’s under probate, you need to understand the timing and specifics of how probate works.


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What It Looks Like Going Through A Probate Process

The steps when going through the probate process are:


File The Probate Petition

After the death of your loved one, you’ll want to contact the Probate Court to file for a Probate Administration. You need to have documentation that proves this right and state who gets what from their estate upon passing away.


Give Notice To Creditors

You need to publish a Probate Notice in the local paper, where any creditors will be able to file their claim. This process can take a while, and you may even have creditors who don’t bother filing, but it’s still an important step that needs to be followed through on before going into Probate Administration.


Inventory Assets

You and your appointed Probate Attorney will need to take an inventory of all the assets located in the deceased’s estate. This is necessary to determine who gets what and so that any bills or expenses can be paid from the proceeds of the sale of said assets.


Sell Assets

After everything has been taken care of, the final step is to sell the assets to pay off any bills and give the inheritors their rightful share. This can be a long process, but it’s necessary for everyone involved to move on.


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