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Being a landlord can be difficult. It is no secret that it comes with a lot of responsibility, and we know this from experience. We’ve been landlords for many years now, and we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly about being in that position. If you’re a landlord, you probably know what we are talking about. The good news? We have a solution for you!

At I Will Buy House, we buy houses for cash in Washington. We come to you with a fast and easy solution for selling your house. We take care of the selling process, so you don’t have to go through it yourself. Remember, we are here to help!


Landlord: What Is It?

A landlord is a company or person that owns real estate and allows people to live in it for some form of payment. As a landlord, you have a big responsibility to take care of the home and protect it from damages.

Cons Of Being a Landlord

Time Consuming

Finding the right tenant is essential for you to afford your mortgage every month. However, it takes a long time to find the right tenant.


If something goes wrong with a property, it’s up to you as a landlord to find someone who can do the repairs or hire someone to do it.

Property Damage

If your tenants damage a property, you will have to fix it and pay for all damages out of your pocket.

Long-Term Investment

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when your property is going up in value or if it will even go down. We know that this can be frustrating for you as a landlord since it means taking on more risk.


When a home is vacant, the landlord is responsible for paying the property’s financing costs and expenses. If the house or property is vacant longer than expected, it might be hard to maintain the cost of holding it.

We Want To Help You!

We’re here to help you get rid of the time-consuming task of being a landlord. We will buy your house for cash with an easy process that doesn’t take much time. We make the process stress-free and easy to understand.

Selling your house to us means that you will have an extra source of income-you without taking too much time away.

Are You A Landlord Selling Your Home? Sell It To I Will Buy House

We buy your house! We want to support you with everything you need, and this is not the exception. If you are a landlord selling your home, look no further than I Will Buy House. Contact us to get a free quote.


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