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Selling your house or property can become a hard and stressful process, which is why many people choose to work with a realtor. However, there are some cons to this too. You might have to pay high commissions and other fees that will eat into the sale price of your property. Additionally, you’ll need to find someone interested in buying it.


When selling your house to I Will Buy House, you avoid all the hassle. We buy houses in Washington as-is, no matter the condition or location. We provide Spokane homeowners with fair cash on their hands, no hidden fees or commissions! If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast in Spokane?” I Will Buy House is the answer!




A Traditional Sale With A Realtor Isn’t As Easy As It Seems

If you’re looking to sell your house the traditional way, you’ll need to find a realtor. However, they typically take a commission of around six percent of the sale price. Here’s the selling process when working with a realtor:

  • Find A Realtor: 

You need to find a realtor who specializes in selling houses fast. This is so they can sell your house quickly for the highest price possible.

  • List Your House: 

You have to put up an ad on websites like Zillow and Craigslist, then wait for potential buyers to call.

  • Meet With A Buyer: 

You’ll need to set up a time for buyers to come and see your house. At this point, they might make an offer.

  • Negotiate Price: 

If the buyer is interested, they’ll start negotiating a price. This can take a while since you need to get your house in a condition ready for sale. This can include repairs and cleaning up the property. Also, since buyers usually need a lender, this is the stage where most sales fall through.

  • Closing Day

You’ll have to meet with real estate agents again once the buyer is happy with the price of your home. This usually takes 30-60 days.


Avoid The Realtor Hassle With I Will Buy House

If you’re looking to sell your property or house as quickly as possible, working with I Will Buy House is the best option. Some benefits of working with us instead of working with a realtor are:


  • Affordability
  • Fees and commission-free
  • No obligation!
  • Quick close
  • Freedom from troublesome tenants
  • Fair cash offer
  • We buy as-is


As mentioned, there are several benefits to selling your house to I Will Buy House. Unlike working with a realtor, you don’t have to worry about fees or commissions. We also buy your house as-is, so you don’t need to make any repairs.


I Will Buy House Helps You Sell Your House

Are you wondering, “How can I sell my house fast in Spokane“? If so, I Will Buy House can help. We’re professionals who care about you and want to help you in everything we can. We buy houses in Washington and surrounding areas. If you want to sell your house quickly for a fair cash offer, then get in touch with us today.




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