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Sell Your House & Become an Entrepreneur

Throughout the years, I Will Buy House has helped home sellers achieve their home selling goals, whether it’s to cover debts, get enough money for a new home, move to a different area, or in many cases, start their own business.

Entrepreneurs will always struggle, especially when not having enough funds for their startup. Based on our experience, we will share four reasons why you should sell your home to raise enough funds for your business.

Reason #1: Debt is Bad for You

A lot of people may argue this, but debt is bad for you. You may have acquired your home through a mortgage and other loans to cover up for a need. However, have you thought about all the stress you go through each month by knowing you have to save money to pay your debts?

Debts cost you money, interest rates are often very high, and they keep you from reaching your financial goals. If you want to open your business, paying off debt and using cash to pay for business startup costs is smarter.

Reason #2: Get More Financial Flexibility

When selling your home, you can get more financial flexibility by getting money to start your business without quitting your current job. At first, it will require a lot of sacrifices and many extra working hours, but if you are successful, you’ll be forever proud of your decision.

Reason #3: Renting is Cheaper

When you sell your home to use the money for your new business, you’ll probably choose to rent. Renting is cheaper than owning a home, so it’ll bring you many benefits.

While renting, you’ll save much more money; there are no maintenance costs, taxes, insurance, repair bills, association dues, etc. Renting will also give you more flexibility regarding where you live and you can move as required.

Reason #4: Owning a House is Not an Investment

Contrary to what everyone believes, owning a house is not necessarily an investment. There are many expenses involved in having a home, and on many occasions when selling, you’re not able to recover the time and money invested.

A business, on the other hand, can get you a higher return on investment, and if you’re successful enough, you can quit your job and entirely focus on growing something that will give you money, not waste it.

This is Your Moment – Sell Your Home Fast

This is your moment to become an entrepreneur; stop holding back and take the leap.

I Will Buy House can help you by buying your house fast, and saving you money in the process. We are an experienced homebuyer in Washington, and like you, several of our old customers started their business after selling their home. In fact, how do you think most home investors start? A significant number begin by selling their house.

Some of the benefits we provide are:

We buy houses as-is:

You can forget about spending money on repairs or home improvements; we will buy your house as-is, regardless of the condition.

We have enough equity to buy fast

With I Will Buy House, you get a no-obligation offer within 24 hours. And if you accept the offer, we can close and pay you in as little as seven days. This means no waiting for loans and financing to come through.

Save on expenses the traditional home selling method has

We’re not like the traditional selling method, where you list your home and hire a realtor. Since we are the actual buyers, you save on several expenses involved in conventional home selling, like paying for commission and appraisals, or signing contingency agreements.

We pay for the closing costs

Another expense is the closing costs. With us, you don’t need to worry about finding and hiring a title company, taxes, or any other costs involved in the closing costs. I Will Buy House covers them all.

You get paid in cash

We can pay you in cash, giving you the ability to use the money immediately and invest it in your business. 

Great customer service

We’re always trying to make our customers happy. Our team will answer all questions and provide you with an honest opinion about your desire to sell.

We are a local solution, and we understand your desire to start a business. We’ve been there before. When we started I Will Buy House, we took the risk, and we are now a happy family-owned and operated business, eager to help others with dreams like ours.



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