Pros and Cons of an Open House in Seattle



There are many different things and may well take a combination of those things, to sell your Seattle property.  You will need to explore and find what really works, without wasting time.

You may ask “is an Open House the best option to sell my house”? You do have options, even for those, that do not have the funds to prepare for an Open House or to complete necessary repairs to sell on the open market, can find companies that advertise “we buy houses” or even “we buy ugly houses”. Which ever route you think is best for you. This blog, will help you to decide if an open house, is in fact, the right option for you.

Pros and Cons of an Open House in Seattle


More Exposure

An open house does not guarantee a buyer will purchase your house but don’t rule it out. When selling your house, the more people that know about the property, will increase your chances of getting it sold. Even though, more houses are actually sold via private showings. Organising an open house, will definitely give your house more exposure.

A Nice Environment for Buyers

An Open House will attract all types of people, from people who are ready to make an offer, to people who just love viewing houses. An Open house gives the buyer a chance to feel out the property, to look around at their own pace without any pressure to buy and it’s a good way to visualise living there. Whereas, a private viewing is more of a one-on-one appointment.



It can be also be difficult and stressing to have to go through preparing, staging and then to leave your home, not knowing who is going to be walking through your house. Which is why most sellers choose to be absent during an open house. Its probably the best thing to do, especially if you don’t want to watch other people judging every detail of your house and you really don’t want to make them feel unwelcome or to sense that they are being closely watched. Keep it light, professional and inviting and consider it being a professional networking opportunity.


Security Issues

It can be very daunting and off putting to have all sorts of people walking through your home. An Open House can be a huge security risk because they can be an advantage for thieves or a chance for people to stake out the property. To eliminate the risk, be sure to put away all valuables or personal items. Some people will choose to send a friend, just to insure everything is okay but most agents are aware and will also keep an eye out. 


Dealing With Unqualified Buyers

By making your agent aware to only accept offers from pre-qualified buyers, will enhance your chances of not having to deal with unqualified interest, that will only waste your time. Open houses will also increase the agents exposure, which believe it or not is a positive for you as a seller. As long as you have good Realtor who has an abundance of connections and knows how to market themselves, will know how to pull in a crowd. The one thing to remember is that any exposure will be highly beneficial but don’t rely on selling your house by this method only.  The downside is you probably are unlikely to get a load of legitimate written offers.

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