Skip Repairs And Sell Your House In Portland, OR

Do you have a tough time finding the right buyer for your home? Is it because of an old carpet or stained roof? A realtor would usually advise you to invest in some repairs to get a fair price for your home; however, this might end up costing you thousands of dollars.

With I Will Buy House, you will not have to worry about spending on any repairs. We buy houses as-is all over Portland, OR. When selling to us, crooked window frames, rusty gates, and stained walls are not an issue. We want our customers to have a smooth, fast, and stress-free selling process and receive instant cash and satisfaction.

Scams To Watch Out When Selling Yur Home

When Should You Sell As-Is?


You should sell your house as-is if you’re going through the following situations:


When It’s An Inherited Property


If you inherit a property, it’s common sense to sell it “as is” if you don’t have the time, energy, or cash to commit to it. You may not get as much money for the house as you would if you go in and make improvements, but it will be worth it when you consider how much time and stress you have saved.


When You Appreciate Your Time


Repairs may take weeks and even months to be done, depending on how big the damage is. This means you’ll have to take time off of your regular activities to be in charge of supervising that all repairs and changes are done correctly. If it looks like small changes won’t bring any more value to your home, especially to recover the money you invested in repairs, then selling as-is is your best choice.


When You Need Instant Cash


We simplify the process of selling your house and have a short closing period. We offer you instant cash to invest in whatever you like; maybe a new home, taking some vacations, or just investing in yourself. 


When It’s Going To Be Torn Down


Sometimes the property is more valuable than the house itself. In these cases, the structure is more likely to be torn down. It will make absolutely no sense to make any improvements on a home that will be dropped to the ground, so just sell it as-is, and you’ll be good to go.


Save Time & Money With Us


Let I Will Buy House purchase your home as-is for a fair price, regardless of its condition and without having to spend on repairs . We won’t ask any of our homeowners in Portland, OR for renovations or commissions. Our job is to simplify your life and provide you with an efficient solution. 


Remember, we buy houses in Portland, OR regardless of their condition. We can close as little as 10 days, and our team performs only one visit to verify and present you with an offer you won’t be able to resist.

Simply Call Us 206-681-2784 Or Fill in The Form Below For Your No Obligation “As-Is” Cash Offer!