Selling My Fire Damaged House In Portland

When a fire damages your house, you may be left with many questions and concerns. You might think that there’s no way to sell your house or that it will take years before the process is over. But there’s an easier way! We could help make the process of selling a burned house in Portland much simpler for you. 


At I Will Buy House – Portland, we buy houses in any condition – even those severely damaged by fire. Get to know more about our services.

Most Reliable House Buyer in Los Angeles I Will Buy House

We Pay Cash For Your House ASAP


We buy houses in Portland, Oregon, even if they are burned or damaged. Compared to most real estate companies, this is a big difference that often requires fixing the damage before selling your house. We will pay cash for homes because we can close quickly, and it saves both parties time. When you trust us to buy your property, you receive many benefits, such as:


  • We Help You With Financial Distress

You may find yourself in severe financial difficulties, especially after the fire has destroyed your house. Despite the condition, selling your home as-is is feasible with I Will Buy House since we’ll give you a fair offer regardless of the state it’s in.


  • Forget About Stress During The Process 

If you’re finding it hard to manage the pressure of a lengthy sales process, especially after a difficult scenario, and believe you can’t handle the selling process on your own, you have the option to sell your house as-is with us, with zero commissions. 


  • Zero Repairs

I Will Buy House will buy your property if you can’t afford repairs and prevent you from spending money out of your pocket and going bankrupt.


Get A Free-Hassle Sale With I Will Buy House In Portland


We will provide a fair and fast cash offer when you sell your home to I Will Buy House. Not only that, but we’ll buy the home without any liability issues or headaches for yourself and make sure everything is taken care of so there’s no waiting around for paperwork. If you’re ready to get started with this process, contact us today!

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