Sell Your House During A Probate Process in Portland

Selling a house during this time can come with many challenges. For example, if you live in that house, you may not sell it because the estate is still in probate. You’ll need permission from the court before moving forward with selling your house during a probate process. 


However, selling a house in probate can be done, but many things need to happen in a specific order to go through smoothly. For example, you must file paperwork that will affect the estate’s tax liability and then get approval from the court. Luckily, there are more options for homeowners like you searching for a way to sell their home ASAP: Sell your house to a cash home buyer, just like I Will Buy House.

Selling Your House Fast Tips I Will Buy House

Work With I Will Buy House To Sell Your Home In Any Condition


You’ve probably seen those “we buy houses” advertisements around town, but you didn’t know they were cash purchasers. We acquire properties that need renovations, in I Will Buy House – Portland, but we don’t charge real estate fees or commissions, and we’ll even reimburse closing charges. 


Apart from dealing with major repairs such as foundation problems, mold, termite damage, or unfinished construction, we deal with various unique selling situations. We also purchase houses in bankruptcy (with liens), code violations (“in the middle of a divorce,” inherited properties), property in probate (after death), and more.


Accept the All-Cash Offer, or Wait up to 60 Days


In today’s real estate market, it takes roughly 60 days to sell a property. That is two months of waiting and hoping that someone will buy your home. When you choose I Will Buy House to work with you, it can close on a house in as little as 7 days, and we almost always do so within 30 days, even when your property is going through a probate process. We buy houses in Portland, like yours, in record time. 


Forget About The Paperwork and Stress: We Buy Your House Within 7 Days 

The housing market is hot and getting hotter, but it’s still not easy to sell a home. Especially if you’re going through the probate process, which can take months before your house goes into a settlement, that’s where we come in! I Will Buy House – Portland buys houses in any condition.

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