Selling My House During Foreclosure in Portland

For those who must go through it, foreclosure is one of the most terrifying and painful experiences a family may endure. Many people believe they have no escape or control over their situation, which is false. They incorrectly suppose that they have exhausted all possibilities and must accept their fate. 


You may think that you are alone. But when it comes to fighting off foreclosure, you aren’t. You can do something if you try hard enough. Many homeowners are unfamiliar with the option of selling their homes.


You may pay off your mortgage in full, including interest and costs, by making money from the sale. In this way, you avoid being foreclosed on and the detrimental impact on your credit history. I Will Buy House is the perfect cash home buyer in Portland to make it possible. 

Sell Your House in Portland for Cash

Benefits You’ll Have When Working With Us


At I Will Buy House, we provide cash offers for your house and we aim to provide you with benefits such as avoiding stress, time, money, inconveniences, and the foreclosure process itself. We are professional cash home buyers looking to buy your house, and ready to make the selling process fast and efficient for you. 


We Make Any Foreclosure Process Easy in 3 Simple Steps


  • The Procedure Is Quick And Simple


We’ll get you a good cash offer within 24 hours, we can close in 10 days or less, or we can agree on a date that is convenient for you! You have complete control over the sale of your house when you work with us.


  • You Won’t Have To Pay Anything Or Incur Any Costs


We’re not realtors; we aren’t putting your property on the MLS, but rather, we are buying it ourselves! That eliminates the cost of real estate agent fees as well as any associated closing charges!


  • We Purchase Houses In Any Condition, At Any Time


We buy houses in any condition or scenario. We’ve assisted many homeowners who were going through issues such as foreclosure, divorce, code enforcement, inheritance, and more!


Get Out Of Foreclosure By Selling Your House For Cash


You’ve probably heard of the foreclosure process and all the stress that comes with it. We at I Will Buy House understand how hard this can be on you and your family, which is why we offer our services to help in any way possible. Contact us today for more information about what we do or if you want to learn more about how to sell your house fast in Portland and get instant cash!

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