How To Sell Your House Fast In Portland, OR

Imagine a small leak is made on your property, and then you discover that the water has gone into your basement. The leak ended up causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to the carpeting and drywall in your home. You can learn from this experience how quickly your house can become a liability after making even such a minor mistake. 

If you’re going through a similar situation and don’t have the time or money to deal with it, I Will Buy House has the perfect solution for you and all homeowners in Portland, OR. We are cash home buyers in Portland, OR that will take off your hands, houses in any kind of condition. Our offer arrives within 24 hours of exploring your property, and our deals close in less than 30 days! Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

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Pros Of Accepting A Cash Offer


You might be wondering, “If I want to sell my house fast, why should I sell it to I Will Buy House?” Easy! We offer multiple benefits for all homeowners who choose to sell with us instead of hiring a realtor or doing it themselves. One of the most important is the instant cash offer we make. This is how it can benefit you:


  • No Appraisal: No appraisal is required with a cash sale. An appraisal is often used to determine a property’s value in most situations. If an appraisal comes in low, the mortgage lender may decide it isn’t worth financing the deal. A cash transaction removes the appraisal from the equation. Because no mortgage lender is involved, there is no need for it, we’ll remove an obstacle from the house selling process.


  • Fast Closing: Cash sales are a lot faster from start to finish. Traditional sales require an underwritten mortgage which can extend the selling process up to 60 days. A cash sale isn’t contingent on this. That means that the risk of the sale falling through is almost none, and the process is 10 times faster.


  • Less Stress: It’s unpleasant to sell a home the conventional way. You must clean, arrange, mend, and upgrade your property. You’ll need to find an effective agent, deal with the appraisal and inspection, and keep your house tidy during showings and open houses.


There are several reasons why you may want (or need) to move quickly, but perhaps you just don’t want to wait. Selling to us relieves some of the tension that comes with the process of selling a house.


  • Save Money On Repairs: In a traditional house sale, inspection draws attention to necessary repairs. In most circumstances, you will be required to either pay for fixes or reduce the asking price. In a cash sale, you can sell your house as-is! You’ll save money on repairs and upgrades. The best part: no cleaning or arranging is required.


  • No Commissions Or Fees: The average realtor will ask for a 6% commission on your home’s sale price. Selling to I Will Buy House means you skip hiring a realtor and save money on any fees and commissions. 


Fast And Fair Cash Offers With I Will Buy House


Since our beginning in 2015, we have put all our effort into providing homeowners with fast and fair cash offers, regardless of their selling reason and home conditions. As a family business at I Will Buy House, we know all the issues and concerns of selling a house and have worked around them to create a simple 3-step process for any sale. 


We buy houses all over Portland, OR while being committed to working with integrity and never taking advantage of our clients’ misfortunes. Our goal is for you to be fully satisfied and have peace of mind that our service will give you just what you’re looking for.

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