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There is nothing better than finding a company with the quality and authenticity you need to sell your house for cash and fast. We are a Portland home cash buyer that understands the need of many homeowners to sell as quickly as possible without devaluing the price of their property. 

I Will Buy House Portland was born when we experienced the need to sell a house without waiting months for the right buyer, so we created a service and company that will help you achieve this in less than 15 days. Zero remodelations, or hidden commissions. Get to know us better, and contact us today. 


#1 Cash Buyer Portland

We are More Than a Service: We Help People Like You!

We are a BBB-certified home buying company in Portland. We combined strengths to start our small but family-owned business dedicated to helping the homeowners we work with. We know how difficult real estate situations can be; that’s why we work with you to find the best solution for your situation. 

Our service was created to be fast, stress-free, and provide a fair cash offer to you. With over a decade in the market, we have helped thousands of homeowners with an attractive alternative to the complex and stressful listing process.

Why Choose Us? 

  • Say goodbye to extensive and costly repairs.
  • Time is the least of your worries with us: you will sell your house in as little as 7 days. 
  • We are a transparent company. There are no hidden costs or extras, which means you’ll close the offer without spending a penny. 
  • We buy houses as they are inside and out. 
  • We work at your pace. 

Get a Fair, Fast & Easy Sell With I Will Buy House Today

More than a company that buys properties, we know what you are looking for, and that is why we work to achieve it. Stop searching “sell my house fast in Portland” and trust I Will Buy House-Portland to sell your property with a fair offer and a fast selling process. If you want to know more details, you can call us at 206-231-5864 or fill out a free quote today. 


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