We Can Help You Avoid Foreclosure In Portland, OR

Foreclosure isn’t something that happens overnight. It starts when someone falls behind on their mortgage payments because they can’t afford them or because they don’t want to make them anymore. The lender then gives the borrower written notice telling them how much time they have before foreclosure proceedings begin.

Are you going through a similar situation? If so, there’s no reason to panic. Foreclosure happens more often than it should, and because of that, at I Will Buy House, we have come up with the ideal solution for all homeowners at risk of Foreclosure: buying your house. We only make cash offers, perfect for this type of situation, and close in less than 30 days!

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How We Can Help You


Selling during a foreclosure is a sign for you to contact us to do it right. With foreclosure, you can become homeless if the bank forces you to sell your property; however, you may gain back all of your losses and erase the bad credit stains by selling it to I Will Buy House. Here’s how we benefit you during this situation:


  • We give you a fair cash offer
  • Establish a closing date of 30 days or less
  • You keep a clean credit line
  • We charge no extra commission or fees
  • We perform a free evaluation of your home
  • Our fast 3-step process is completely stress-free
  • We offer a fair price according to your home value and the current real estate market


Let I Will Buy House Take Over The Burden


As homeowners ourselves, we know how stressful this situation can be. You might feel like you’ve run out of options, but you’re not alone! At I Will Buy House, we have a passionate team that is willing to help you gain financial freedom by buying your house at a fair cash price. 


We buy houses in Portland, OR to help hundreds of homeowners going through the same situation as you, and the results have been outstanding. Let us take that weight off your shoulder and contact us today to receive a cash offer as soon as possible.


No more thinking about “getting cash for my house,” make it happen with us!

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