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“My probate attorney was impressed with them and said that he will recommend his other clients to work with this company.”

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“My father passed away and I was named the executor of the estate. The house was not in good condition and was full of stuff. I thought about listing the house with an agent but I didn’t want to pay fees and wait for several months for the market to pick up in the springtime. So I contacted I Will Buy House and they did my family right. They worked with my siblings so we could get the items from the house that we wanted and leave the rest of the stuff at the property. They closed on the day that we agreed on and took care of all the junk. My probate attorney was impressed with them and said that he will recommend his other clients to work with this company. They even disposed of a large rusted out boat that no-one wanted to deal with.”

709 25th Ave Seaside, Oregon 97138, USA

Logan Schafer – Seaside, OR


What Do You Have To Lose? Get a Cash Offer In 30 Minutes!

We buy houses in Portland oregon for cash and close on the sale fast.

If you’re in doubt about the quality of our services, we would be happy to connect you to other homeowners who sold to us recently.

Top Benefits Of Selling Your Home To Us:

  1. You don’t need to clean up or repair the property
  2. You save up to 6% on agent commissions
  3. You save up to 4% on closing costs
  4. You save on paying the holding costs and property taxes
  5. You don’t waste time finding an agent, cleaning the house, listing it, and showing it
  6. You won’t face the risk of the seller not being qualified by the bank
  7. You don’t wait for 6 months for the house to sell with an agent
  8. You can be confident that your house is SOLD to someone who can afford to buy it

Our Experience…

So far, we’ve bought over 50 houses totaling over $10,000,000. We are proud of our track record because behind each house, there is a story and people that we’ve helped. We know what we are doing and we make it our top priority to complete our purchases on time.

Some Of The Real Estate Problems We Solved In The Past.

One of our specialties is helping people who have difficult real estate problems. In fact, we thrive on challenges. Nothing gives us more joy than helping you untangle your complicated housing issues.

  1. Fire damaged house
  2. Probate requiring a fast sale
  3. Non-conforming title to the property
  4. Selling a house from out of state
  5. Foreclosure
  6. Relocation
  7. Retiring, selling the house, and renting it back for 2 months
  8. Fast sale with no real estate agent commissions
  9. Tax Liens
  10. Divorce requiring a fast sale
  11. House in poor condition that real estate agents don’t want to list
  12. Property with pest infestations
  13. Property requiring serious repairs
  14. Property with dozens of abandoned vehicles
  15. Guaranteeing purchase 9 months into the future so the owner could plan their retirement
  16. Tenants who stopped paying rent and will not leave the property
  17. Assistance with moving and storage expenses
  18. Property full of personal possessions

We derive enormous joy from knowing that we applied our knowledge and real estate connections to help good people get out of tough situations. The feeling is not explainable, it’s just beautiful!

Are You Looking For Highly Rated, Fast, Professional, And Efficient, Local House Buyers? Stop Looking, You Found One! 

Do you want to sell your house to someone you can trust? We are the most trusted house-buyers in the Portland oregon area. We have received several excellent reviews because of the quality of our services. We work really hard to ensure that our sellers are 100% satisfied with the outcome.

Don’t just take our word for it; read the Google reviews, examine the testimonials, or listen to one of the sellers we interviewed after we bought his house to see what others are saying about our company and our service. The quality of the service we render is our identity and we can boast that it represents us well anywhere.

We Are Fully Dedicated To Serving Homeowners…

In 2015, we teamed up to start up this business. We are a mighty family business, and we’re fully dedicated to serving homeowners who are looking to sell their homes fast, and who have tricky real estate problems they need help getting out of. We’re dedicated to bringing knowledge and solutions to the homeowners we work with. If working with a traditional real estate agent isn’t for you, or you aren’t sure which way to turn, give us a call! we’re available to help.

We’re Here To Help You Solve Your Real Estate Problems With Compassion.

We are expert Portland oregon area home-buyers, so we understand the process, have the right contacts, and stand by our commitments. We are two business owners with a small team, and we are supporting our families with this being our committed full-time job. This means that when you choose us, you choose to experience, a full commitment to excellence, and high ethical standards.

There are quite a lot of companies who purchase homes for cash in Portland oregon, So why us? What makes us stand out from the rest? We don’t just show up with cash to buy your house, we bring compassion and kindness, a listening ear, and a compassionate heart to understand what you’re going through and provide you with the most beneficial solution to help you out of your tricky real estate problems.

Alex has a degree in aerospace engineering and business administration. He’s detail-oriented, and a skilled problem solver. Viktor has a nursing degree. He brings patience, kindness, and compassion to the deal. So whether you’re trying to avoid foreclosure, or just need to get rid of a property and aren’t sure how to go about it – you can count on us to bring compassion, understanding, and beneficial solutions to your problems. We’re very experienced in helping homeowners who are experiencing complicated situations, so if you don’t know which way to turn, need advice, or need to sell your house fast – give us a call! To learn more about us and our transparency, click here.

Are You Looking For Someone To Buy Your House Fast? Contact us today!

Do you want to sell your home but are overwhelmed with the complicated process involved, don’t have contacts in real estate, or don’t have the money for upgrades and repairs? You have no need to fret, we are here for you.

contact us (by filling out the form below), we will get back to you within ten minutes (during business hours, which are 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time). While, If you contact us outside of our business hours, we will get back to you first thing the following morning.

When we connect with you over the phone, the first we do is to understand your goals and requirements, then we proceed to discuss the home-selling process and the options available to you. we’ll provide you with all the important information so that you can make the best-informed decision for you and your family. Finally, we work hard to help you achieve your goals. Whether your goal is to sell your house fast for top dollar or it’s to just get rid of the headache of home ownership, we will make it happen. We will offer you a reasonable cash offer and close on your house anytime you want based on your schedule, which means you don’t have to pay any closing fees, excise tax, or wait on bank financing, which could take up to six weeks. With us, your closing is immediate and guaranteed!

Because We Are Trusted Experts In Washington Real Estate, We Can Help You Even If:

the house needs massive repairs, you need to sell in less than a week, you are going through a divorce, the house is in probate, you are moving, you have unpaid liens, or are facing foreclosure. Whether your situation calls for keeping the house, listing it with one of the top local agents, negotiating a loan modification, or selling the house to us for cash, we will help you make the best-educated decision. No matter the problem you’re facing, our team will have a suitable solution or will guide you to someone in the industry who does.

We Can Even Get You Money Ahead Of The Sale!

Some homeowners ask us, “ can I receive money ahead of the sale to pay for moving expenses? ” The answer is, “yes!”. Because unlike selling your house to a traditional buyer (through a real estate agent), we’ll actually advance the money ahead of the closing.

Wondering What Benefits Are There To Be Gained From Working With Us? Here Are A Few:

  • First, we pay cash for your home. This allows us to buy it very fast – in 30 days or less, depending on the complexity of your situation.
  • Second, when you work with us – you won’t have to make any repairs, or even move everything out if you don’t want. We’ll buy your house completely “as-is”.
  • Finally, leave all closing costs and paperwork to us; we’ll handle them all. There are no fees or commissions needed when you work with us.
  • We’ll schedule a time to come out and visit your home, inspect it and make sure it’s a good fit for us, then we’ll make an offer. If you like the offer, you can take it, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Portland oregon Resources:

You can find more information about Portland oregon and living in Portland oregon neighborhoods on the official city website.

We Buy Houses In Portland oregon For Cash, No Matter The Condition!

Are you a home-owner and you’re facing any of these situations? We’d love to work with you and see if we can provide a suitable solution for you, by buying your house:

  • If you’re trying to avoid foreclosure.
  •  If you’ve got a rental property that you want to get rid of.
  •  If you inherited a house that you want to sell for cash, and don’t want the hassle of managing.
  •  If you can’t wait to list and sell your home, but rather, need a quick sale now.
  •  If you’ve got an immediate job and need to move.
  •  Or any other situation requiring a fast sale!

Should You Sell Your Home Through A Real Estate Agent, Or For Cash? Well, It Depends…

If you’re wondering whether to sell your Portland oregon home through a Realtor, or to an investor, the answer is: it depends.

Here’s a quick guide to help you…

Think About Selling To An Investor If:

  • Speed and convenience matter most.
  •  You can’t make mortgage payments.
  •  You don’t want to make repairs or pay property taxes.
  •  You want a convenient, cash sale – and are willing to take less for those benefits.

Consider Selling With A Portland oregon Realtor If:

  • You can afford the money and time to list your home for 3-9 months before it sells.
  • You want the maximum value for your home (in most cases).
  • You can make all repairs, monthly payments, etc., required.

if you are looking for more info, here is an in-depth post that we wrote that discusses the pros and cons.

When you work with us, we’ll provide a streamlined, fast, and easy process to sell your home. We remove the uncertainty and hassles that often come when selling with a Realtor.

Where with a normal Realtor, you’ll have to wait months for your home to sell, we can buy quickly – within 10-30 days.

we also leverage our knowledge and connections to help homeowners sell their property where traditional Realtors get stumped.

So if working with a real estate agent isn’t for you, and you’re having trouble getting someone who can help you with your problem, get in touch with us today – we can help!

If You Decide That Your Best Option Is To Sell The Home To Us, We Will Lead You Through Our fast 4-step process  And Buy Your House “As Is” With A Fair Cash Offer On The Date Of Your Choice.

If you decide that your best option is to list the property with an agent, we will guide you through a simple listing process with a top-notch listing agent.

How To Sell Your Home Fast, For Cash, In Portland oregon:

Selling your Portland oregon home is very easy. Here are 4 easy steps to get started today:

  1. fill out the form.
  2.  We’ll contact you ASAP, and schedule a time to come check out your home.
  3.  If it’s a good fit for you, and for us, we’ll make a cash offer.
  4. If you like the offer, we’ll close as fast as possible and take care of all closing costs and paperwork.

If you want to learn more about the home-selling process, just click here to learn more about how it works.

Are you looking for cash homebuyers in Portland oregon? we’d love to talk to you!

You’ve Finally Found A House-Buying Company You Can Trust.

Not only are we a registered business here in Portland oregon, but all our past customers will vouch for the quality of our services. Feel free to search for us on Google and Facebook, you can also check out our reviews when filling out the form above or give us a call; we’ll be happy to schedule a time to come out to meet you in person so we can learn more about your current situation and property, and also, so you can meet us for yourself.

Or Give Us A Call Now At: 206-681-2784

We created to provide Washington homeowners a GREAT home-selling experience. We also buy houses in Oregon State; our most recent purchases were in: SeattleEverettOlympia Federal Way , Spokane , and Tacoma . At we guarantee excellent and fast service. Talk to someone in our office by calling us today at 206-681-2784 or emailing us at We look forward to assisting you!

Other Areas We Pay Cash For Homes In...

Besides Portland oregon, we buy cash homes in these other areas throughout Washington and in multiple markets across the US. Contact us to find out if we buy in your area.


About Us

I am Viktor, and have been running this business since 2015. We are a small but mighty family business dedicated to providing knowledgeable and personable experiences to our homeowners.

We understand that life can put people in all kinds of undesirable situations that they need help getting out of quickly, which is where we step in.

“I’m very happy. I had no negative experiences and I walked away feeling relieved…”

“I honestly think that you guys did such a great job at communicating with me to let me know what was expected.”

20113 24th Ave W Lynnwood, WA 98036
Michelle Madison – Lynnwood, WA

“He is amazing.”

5225 E Lake Bosworth Dr Snohomish, WA 98290
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“The best one around, the most honest and communication is excellent!”

6023 54th Ct SE, Lacey, WA 98513
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