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There are many reasons to sell your house besides a simple move, and these can make selling complicated. I Will Buy House buys houses in Seattle regardless of your situation. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about any commissions, upgrades, or repairs. We take care of it all. When you work with us, you can get rid of your property quickly — sometimes in as little as two weeks.

At I Will Buy House, we know how challenging and time-consuming the home selling process can be; that’s why we buy houses fast in Seattle. 

Why Sell Your House?

Often, homeowners find themselves in situations where they need to sell their home, and do it quickly. Here are a few situations where selling your house is not only a good idea, but necessary. 

  • You inherited a property. Sometimes people inherit houses after a family member has passed away, and owning the property doesn’t make much sense: you either don’t need the property, you need to split it between several people, or you don’t want to have the extra costs. In this case, selling the house is your best choice.
  • You’re getting a divorce. If you’re divorcing and can’t decide who gets to live in the home, or are forced to split it, then you have to sell your home and divide the money. Selling quickly can help avoid more headaches in a stressful time.
  • You’re facing foreclosure (or already in it). If you have unpaid debt and used your home as collateral, or you can’t pay your mortgage, you may be forced to go into foreclosure. In this case, selling your home quickly can help you avoid foreclosure and save your credit.
  • You don’t want to deal with your tenants anymore. If you own a rental property and don’t want to be a landlord anymore, selling is a good solution — and if your tenants are frustrating you, doing it quickly can save you money and heartache.

Given selling a house can be stressful and time-consuming, I Will By House aims to eliminate that stress and provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your house is sold quickly and easily.

About Us 

I Will Buy House started with Alex and Viktor, local real estate investors in Seattle. The two joined forces together in 2015 and are dedicated to providing a knowledgeable and personable experience to homeowners. Alex and Viktor founded the business with one goal in mind, to help homeowners resolve difficult real estate situations that complicate their lives. 

Whether it be divorce, foreclosure, or inheriting an unwanted property, I Will Buy House helps homeowners find the best solution for their situation. Our company offers a highly experienced home buying team that assists homeowners in selling their house fast. 

They are committed to delivering exceptional service with transparency and integrity throughout the entire experience.

Sell Your Seattle Home For Cash 

No matter what your situation may be, I Will Buy House can offer a prompt solution. We are passionate about helping people, and our goal is to ensure you can sell your home without any stress or hassle involved. Our easy and effective home buying process is why we buy houses fast.

Let our experienced team help you find a solution.


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