How to Sell a House Without Making Repairs in Washington


Let’s start by thinking about the process of selling a regular house. Maybe it can be in good condition, not too big or small, have a vintage feel with no updates or renovations, and a reasonable price. It sounds like a good house, right? Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the seller will sell it quickly or that the selling process won’t be challenging. 

That’s the thing with houses; you never know if it will be good enough for potential buyers to buy it. It’s another story when it comes to selling a home that requires repairs. Depending on the amount and type of repairs, there may be additional costs. You will most likely need more time for the house to be ready for listings. No buyer is interested in purchasing a house in terrible condition unless they are informed beforehand and are still interested in making an offer. 

The massive burden for homeowners during this process is the additional costs that they must take responsibility for. Not all sellers find themselves in the same position. A significant percentage cannot afford any extra expenses; instead, these sellers are hoping to rely more on the money they will be receiving if they are able to sell their house.

Common Repairs and Costs

Many homes require repairs and maintenance now and then. Some of them might be small repairs and other significant ones. It all depends on what your home needs. Please take a look at the most common repairs and the associated costs with them. 

  • Foundation repair: needed for houses where soil swells with rain
    • $10,000
  • Electrical issues: costs depends on the type of electrical issue you are facing
    • $330 for basic repairs up to $15,000 for entire home wiring
  • Roof repair: leaks or missing shingles
    • Needs to be taken care of ASAP, especially during the rainy season
      • Partial repair: around $650
      • Full replacement: $10,000
  • Replace or repair the water heater
    • If you live in a place with cold weather, you will have to repair this ASAP
    • Repair: $530
    • Replace: $1,000
  • Water damage
    • $2,400
  • Repair or install new pipes
    • $560 to drain a pipe
    • $2,500 to repair a sewer line
  • Septic system
    • If this is not repaired, you risk having an infection 
      • Repair: $1,500
      • New installation: $5,500
  • Mold removal 
    • Around $2,000
  • Air conditioner/heating repair
    • Repair: for AC $370, furnace fix $300
    • Professional installation up to $8,000
  • Termite damage
    • Depending on the damage, it can cost you $550 up to $8,000

These are just the most common repairs that homeowners need for their houses. As you can see above, these repairs are costly, especially if your home faces two or more of these problems. Additionally, you can meet more issues than those listed above, making your additional costs even higher. 

Remember that surprise expenses can always happen. If you don’t have an emergency plan or backup, it’s better to think ahead of time and look for options that will help you avoid this situation. 

Homeowners who don’t want to face additional costs in repairs or replacements can choose to sell their house so that they won’t be required to assume responsibility for these damages and be able to save that extra money. 

The best option for these homeowners is to sell their house as-is. When you sell as-is, it means that you as a seller don’t guarantee that everything in the place will work fine or is in good condition. In other words, you don’t take responsibility for these things. Buyers who agree to buy a house within this type of sale agree to take the risk and are aware that the house may not be in perfect condition. 

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