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How to Avoid these 3 Issues When Doing a Probate Sale

A probate sale is a legal process that happens after someone dies. The executor of the will, or if there is no will, the closest living relative, gathers up some or all of the deceased person’s assets and sells them. The money from the sale goes to paying off the deceased person’s debts and distributing what’s left to the heirs.


Probate Sale in California

In the state of California, a probate sale may happen due to necessity or due to practicality. If a person dies with a lot of debt or taxes to pay, and the amount to pay is not available, the will executor or administrator needs to sell an asset to pay these off.


There are instances in which the family cannot maintain a household, and no one else can take responsibility for it. If the family has an old home that needs repairs and does not have the money to keep up with the maintenance, they may sell it. Wondering “How do I sell my house during probate?” Here’s how.


In the state of California, there are 2 ways to conduct a probate sale of the property.

  • First: Once court approval is obtained, a court hearing is conducted. Anyone may offer a higher payment and take the property from the original buyer.
  • Second: The executor or administrator may sell any asset after giving a 15-day notice to any beneficiary and if no objection has been presented or left unresolved in court.

3 Issues and How to Avoid Them

A probate sale is a process involving a briefed family and the government. Therefore it is different from your average real estate sale. Here are some issues that may arise –

  • Beneficiaries place objections to the sale, lengthening the process. Avoid this issue by clearly notifying them and maintaining communication.
  • The process itself is lengthy; it needs to comply with all its legal requirements. This can’t be avoided, but cooperation with the system can carry things in the fastest way possible.
  • There are more legal fees to take into account as part of the probate process. This issue may be avoided by limiting any additional costs.

Because of this, an experienced seller is needed to deal with the process.


Consider a Professional Home Buying Company

Due to the already present legal fees and the possibility of paying debts, you need the most efficient seller to save up. A home buying company will help you save up by not paying the many fees real estate agents usually charge their customers. The process is also faster, so you are guaranteed no extra delays.


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