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Whether you are moving to another city, need extra money, or have inherited a property, putting it on the market is a complicated task for a homeowner, especially if you want to do it fast. 

Selling a home can be a stressful, weeks or even months long and costly process. At I Will Buy House, we can eliminate that stress and give you peace of mind knowing that the sale of your property is completely taken care of, without having to fix it up, show it or wait for buyer financing or evict tenants. I Will Buy House is a local home buying company that buys houses as-is in Lynnwood, WA. 


We Buy Your House As Fast As You Need It

Zero Fees & Costs

When you work with real estate agents, be aware that you will pay up to 10% in commissions or different fees to list your property and get it sold. Plus, the monetary investment for the legal paperwork you will need for the selling process. With I Will Buy House, you don’t have these obligations, and we pay the closing costs.

24 Hour Offer In Your Hands

If your goal is to sell a house in a record time, I Will Buy House guarantees you will receive within 24 hours a cash offer after having all the necessary paperwork and information of your property. You will only need to say yes! 

The Closing Day To Your Choice

Sometimes you know you need to sell your house but not sure when. When you work with us, you can choose the closing date and be ready to move to the next property. Unlike real agents who give you 30 to 60 days after accepting your offer, we will wait for you. 

Get a Free Cash Offer Today!

Let nothing stop you from selling your property. Forget about rigorous steps to find the ideal purchase offer; we offer you a fair and fast offer at I Will Buy House. Sell your house soon with I Will Buy House in Lynwood, WA. 



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