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Forget About Fees Or Costs With I will Buy House

The requirements in the real estate world to sell your property are rigorous and costly. When working with real estate agents, you must be aware of the different fees you will be paying to achieve your goal.

Among the most expensive are the commissions to your real estate agent, who is in charge of the entire selling process, listing, and showtimes. These fees can be up to 10 percent of the sale price of a home. 


Selling Your House Is An Easy Task With I Will Buy House

If you need to sell your home soon, you likely can’t afford to spend extra money to prepare your home for sale. Between repairs, remodeling, and out-of-pocket expenses, trying to sell your home can be pretty expensive. However, you can sell your home without paying extra money!

Costs You Will Avoid With Us

Realtor Commission

Often one of the most significant expenses associated with selling a home. Agents serve to facilitate the sale of your home, but most don’t do much to help your home sell. 

Considering that commission can easily cost around 6% of your selling price, that’s a hefty sum to pay for not doing much work.


Another expense to avoid is anything related to remodeling. The problem with remodeling is that there is no guarantee that it will translate into added value for your home. Therefore, it is safer to skip remodeling and let the buyer handle it when we buy houses as-is, so you don’t need to spend money or stress about it. 

Besides avoiding the typical fees payments, we take care of all the closing costs enquired, making the selling process even better for you. 

Invest in Your Future Wellness Without Spending a Fortune 

Trying to sell your home on the open market today is difficult. In I Will Buy House, we make home buyers’ lives easy! We buy houses in Lynwood, WA, with no fees included and any repair investment in the process. Don’t miss the opportunity and sell your house fast by calling us today.



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