House Cash Buyer vs. Conventional Real Estate.

 It is a big step to sell your house in Los Angeles. Home sellers have two alternatives: take cash from a home cash buyer or proceed with a conventional transaction. Your decision is based on your unique circumstances. A look at how both types of sales are perceived from the perspective of the homeowner aids in making this important selection.


Keep reading to learn how home cash buyers offer several advantages to those planning on selling the homes.


The Advantages of Selling to a Home Cash Buyer.


The buying and selling process is a little different when a cash offer is on the table than it would be with a mortgage involved.


For one, the home cash buyer’s procedure is typically quicker. There’s no need for a mortgage application or documentation, and the buyer doesn’t require an appraisal. You’ll still have to figure out your title insurance and proof of funds, but there’s no wait for a loan to be approved, and you won’t have to make a hefty down payment.


Conventional real estate means a home purchase that involves a conventional mortgage and is completed through traditional sales channels such as real estate agents and by working with banks, lenders, and brokers. Sell your house in Los Angeles for cash with no extra fees.


The Pros and Cons.


Real Estate Agent Cons:


  • In a conventional sale, the closing and final purchase price occur after all inspections, and any contingencies have been met. Sellers who go this route must factor in what additional expenses will be incurred if an uncovered issue results in negotiating a lower sales price or causing the deal to collapse altogether. 


  • Sellers generally pay what’s called “points” and “closing costs.” Points are the percentage of the house’s purchase price charged upfront by the lender, typically two to three percent.


  • Sellers will also cover any amount over and above a certain figure as closing costs and might even need to provide an additional cash cushion for unexpected expenses.


  • Sellers who opt for a conventional sale might have to wait months before the deal closes.


Home Cash Buyer Pros:


  • With a home cash sale, the seller saves on all of these expenses.


  • Sellers don’t have to worry about meeting contingencies or deadlines, and homebuyers cover closing costs, title insurance, and transfer fees, as well as any other incidentals associated with a sale.


  • Sellers who opt for a home cash buyer will typically get the cash at closing, so there is no need to negotiate a deal based on when or how they will get the money.


  • Sellers might also be more confident about a home cash buyer’s ability to close the deal quickly because they have a track record of doing so with a network of closing agents at their disposal. Sellers can sell a house in Los Angeles, for example, and know that it will close within two weeks.


  • A home cash buyer is always a home buyer, not an investor. 


  • Sellers can sell your house fast for cash and know that only a homeowner is buying their homes.


  • Sellers don’t have to worry about strangers moving into their homes which relieves anxiety, especially if the house has been on the market for a while with no takers.


  • Sellers who go through a home cash buyer also don’t have to worry about any repairs after selling their house since everything is included in the purchase price.


  • Sellers can sell your home fast for cash.


Sell Home Fast for Cash.


If you are looking to sell your house in Los Angeles to a home cash buyer, you’ll be able to close in as soon as seven days. I Will Buy House has been in this business and has the experience you might need when searching online to “sell home fast for cash.”

Sell with a traditional real estate company, and the process will take more than 30 days. 


Also, did you know? Your online search of “sell home fast for cash” doesn’t require any out-of-pocket costs. Sellers often have their inspection fees, closing costs, and other expenses rolled into the initial asking price. I Will Buy House Los Angeles is the wisest option to sell your house in Los Angeles.



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