6 Common Misconceptions About Selling to a Professional Home Buyer



Whether it’s the notion that they’re shady or confusion about how their process works, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about how professional home buyers operate.

If you’re trying to figure out the best way to sell your home, being unclear about how selling your home for cash actually works can limit your options.

So, we’ve listed the common misconceptions you may have about selling to a professional home buyer below and cleared them right up.

  1. Professional home buyers are unethical.

Many people think that professional home buyers are unscrupulous people who are just looking to steal your house.

Reputable cash buyers are not shysters. They are business people.

While they are looking for a good deal, they have no intention of taking advantage. Their goal is to make it a win-win.

  1. They only give lowball offers.

The reality is, most professional home buyers tend to offer close to what you would net after all the repairs and fees you’d incur selling your home the traditional way.

They also offer added perks such as flexible closing dates and move-out times. Plus, they handle all repairs and clean-up for you.

  1. The process takes just as long as selling to a traditional buyer.

While selling your home through a real estate agent usually takes three months to a year, a professional home buyer can typically close as quick as seven days. Since they’re paying with cash, there are no banks slowing down the process.

  1. I’ll have to repair and de-clutter my house before selling it to them.

Professional home buyers purchase houses as-is. Whether it be fire damage or shoddy plumbing, they take care of all of the repairs.

They will also get rid of all of the junk on the property and handle clean up, so you don’t have to.

  1. I’ll get paid when I sign the purchase agreement.

A lot of people think they’ll get paid right when they sign the purchase agreement. But like any real estate transaction, you actually get paid after the property goes through closing with the title and escrow company.

The good news is: that happens quickly.

  1. I have to be in the same city or state as the professional home buyer to sell the property to them.

With the use of a mobile notary and electronic signature, professional home buyers can easily purchase properties in other areas of the U.S.

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