5 Ways to Get Top Dollar When Selling Your Home to a Cash Buyer



Thinking about selling your home to a cash buyer? Afraid of getting a low offer?

The good news is, they typically offer close to what you would net after selling your home through a real estate agent.

So, you can actually get a decent amount of cash in your pocket if you know how to play it right.

And to help you do just that, here are 5 ways to get top dollar when selling your home to a cash buyer:

  1. Make Your House Presentable

While you don’t need to make costly repairs (since that’s one of the major benefits of selling to a cash buyer) or pay for staging like you would if you were selling your home through an agent, you do want to clean up your house as much as possible (without spending money).

Like any buyer, a cash buyer will be more inclined to scrutinize your home if things are messy, making it more likely that they’ll find potential issues and lower their offer.

  1. Take Good Pics

Most cash buyers work virtually these days and will ask you to send them photos of the property. These photos are crucial because they help the cash buyer determine the offer price.

So, you definitely want to take the best pics possible. To do that, remove any clutter from the area you’re trying to shoot and make sure the lighting is good. Soft natural light works best.

  1. Determine the Value of Your Property

Do research ahead of time to determine the value of your property. Look at what similar homes in the area have sold for in the last six months. Then subtract the cost of repairs.

Having a clear price in mind signals to the buyer that 1) you’re serious about selling and have done your homework 2) you’re realistic about the selling price of your house and will be a good person to work with.

  1. Find the Right Cash Buyer

Taking the time to research reputable cash buyers is key. You want to make sure they’ve received glowing reviews from other home sellers, and that they offer fair prices.

Once you’ve found a few you like, call them. Then go with the one that feels right for you.

  1. Summertime is the Best Time

If you can, try to sell your house during the summer months because that’s when there’s the highest real estate activity, so prices tend to be the best during this period.

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